We have inherited an OESLinux sp2 DVD build (was built by merging the
CD-ROMs) and it appears that the SUSE CORE product hasn't been registered
properly. I can install "Open Enterprise Patches" via rcd quite happily,
but any SUSE CORE patches fail with the error (from the
/var/log/rcd/rcd-messages file at logging level 6):

Can not find product 'SUSE CORE'
Patch transaction failed: Can not get patch directory for product 'SUSE CORE'
id=27 COMPLETE 'Patch transaction' time=0ms (failed)

I've built a vanilla OESLinux sp2 from the CDs and don't have this issue.

I've also seen another forum regarding the message "can not find patch
directory for Open Enterprise Server" and have tried those fixes to no avail.

I've completely removed rcd/rug/redCarpet, then deleted the /etc/ximian,
the /var/cache/rcd and the /var/lib/rcd directories, then reinstalled
rcd/rug/redCarpet to no avail. I've also updated rcd/rug/redCarpet manually
(which required python-openssl), also without success.

Any ideas ?