I'm hitting my head against a wall a bit and not really sure why.

I'm trying to stand up a new cluster of OES1 SP2 (Linux) servers. I've
installed the boxes with minimal graphical system then added the Novell
Cluster Services and Novell NCP Server selection groups (which also
selects eDirectory, NSS, and SMS as dependencies). I've also added a bit
of packages needed for HP PSP packs and system maintenance (compat-sles8,
linux-iscsi, rsync, kernel-source, screen, gcc), and finally added KDE and
it's dependencies.

The box works fine. I tell the install to do OES config later and Linux
is up and running. I jump into Yast configure NCS and it guides me
through eDir, NSS, and SMS configs before jumping into NCS. Everything
works I can manage the cluster in iManager create resources fail over
master IP, etc...

I can't create a traditional Linux volume resource because of missing
activate_evms_container in ncsfuncs, so I realize I have to patch. I
subscribe to my OES channel and issue rug pin --entire-channel (per the
patching docs). There are two patches that fail.

Unfortunately at this point NCS is broken because AdminFS won't load. I
look into it and realize that adminfs packages installed expect a kernel
2.6.5-7.286 and 2.6.5-7.282 is installed. Modprobe is failing for
adminfs. So I look and sure enough the 286 kernel did not install it was
one of the failed packages. It won't install because of an NCS cluster
version that is deployed.

Not sure where to proceed I found a TID that told me to use Yast and tell
NCS to upgrade. I did this with no change in behavior. So I look in
/var/cache/rcd/patch_data and see the NCS package I need is there. I
force it in with rpm --force -Uvh ncs-whatever.rpm. Then I run rug up and
it seems as if all patches are fine.

Rebooting adminfs comes up and so does NCS. Ok it's kind of kludgy but it
seems functional. I create the linux traditional volume resource then try
to online it. It goes comatose and looking at the logs it's clear the
resource script didn't move over. I check the /etc/opt/novell/ncs dir and
see there is no Traditional Volume load or unload scripts.

The master node has them though, but it hasn't been patched up yet.

1.) Is there an easier less kludgy way to handle updates?

2.) Is the reason that the scripts aren't automatically copied down
because of mismatched NCS versions?

3.) Should I patch before configuring NCS or configure NCS before

Thanks for any responses.