OK, I'm feeling a bit silly because I'm sure I'm just missing something
obvious, but I AM missing it, and could use some help.

Applied SP7 to my NetWare server. That gave me the iPrint client for
Vista. I downloaded it, but couldn't install because I needed MS Hot
Fixes. Got those, and got the iPrint client installed. It was late when
I finished, so I went to bed thinking I'd be putting together an email
with instructions and creting access to the hotfixes for our users, and
at least one part of my world would be spinning correctly again. The
owner of our company is probably the biggest proponent of being able to
print to the office from home, and of course he's using Vista. I set him
up with the workaround, but he wants it to work right.

Today went to install the printers, and got the message that there were
no drivers for available for my system. Of course not, I never set
drivers up for Vista in iPrint.

Opened iManager (and it IS the new version), went to the printer to set
up the drivers, and there was no option for Vista. I've got XP, 2000,
NT, Linux, even Win 95/98, but no option for Vista.

How is everyone else doing this?