Using NW65SP6 and ZfD7 I have a container in our tree that contains user alias objects for users scattered all over our Netware tree. This subset of users is allowed to log onto a particular server. I would like to have DLU configured on the server so that each of these users can login without an account already existing.

The problem is that our Netware tree has DLU already setup for all users the aliases point to. Unfortunately the configuration of DLU is not what I would like for access to this one server. Specifically I do not want the accounts to be removed on user logout as they would be normally. I have been trying to configure policies so that any user with an alias in this container gets her/his DLU policy from a separate policy. Zen doesn't seem to use the alias object in determining where the User policy is read from.

Is there any way of doing this? Or can a User policy be attached to a workstation object instead to override the global User policy on our tree?