Since we're NATed and were hosting our web site locally, we had public
DNS for our domain ( and provate DNS more or less mirroring
the external using private IPs.

Now, we are getting the web site hosted ( so we now
want and to resolve to the new address
assigned by the hosting service.

Question is, how to configure the private side to accomodate this
without having to switch to a completely new zone on the private side?

In other words, we have privately a zone with hosts etc
defined and "" in the "no forward" list. For numerous
reasons, we want to have everything privately to resolve as always to
the private side ( still resolves to the private IP)
and only "" and "" resolve to the new public
IPs (that are not any of our assigned public IPs).

Hope I have stated that correctly; since I am no DNS guru, I might be a
bit vague.

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School