Come one, come all. Crazy Joe's Bargain Basement Emporium is now open for
business! I've got a bunch of ****^H^H^H^Hgreat stuff that I've put up on
the eBay. This is old stuff that's been laying around here for some time
now that we no longer need. Every now and then I'll go through these
"purges" to try and clear out the office and get a few bucks for the
company. So take a look... some servers, networking equipment, a printer,
and plenty of great Novell books.

(Sorry if anyone thinks this is spam. I guess in a way it is. But I
figured some of the people here could use some of this equipment,
especially the old Proliant ML530 G1 servers.)

"Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do."