I have a number of iPrint printers printing via a Citrix 4.0
Presentation Server.

The printer is an HP DeskJet 9670 with a JetDirect unit attached.

This printer keeps giving me a C++ Runtime Error. I have tested with
two different applications on two different servers. It comes up with
errors in both Winword.exe and notepad.exe.

I have run a bunch of checks:
Print directly with iPrint Driver
Direct IP outside of iPrint
RDP to Citrix server
RDP to Citrix server w/local printer on Citrix Server
Launch Citrix application and print to ANY other printer (Yes, some
have JetDirect units)

Launch Citrix application and print. I get a C++ Runtime Error win
the exe.
Print after connecting with ICA.

I have verified that the driver I have installed is compatible (Sep

I have reloaded the print driver in Broker, removed the printer and
readded the driver.

Novell 6.5 SP6
Zen 7 SP1 HP6
Citrix 4.0 Presentation Server
Windows XP Pro fully patched workstation.
Novell Client 4.91 sp3
iPrint 4.3.0

Appreciate any help as we are trying to do a rollout this weekend.



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