took the plunge, patched our GW server from NW6.5 sp5 CPR release to sp7

first the good news - so far all appears well

now the less than good news:

my GWIA.NCF contained the line:

load restart address space=GWIAMEM sys:\system\gwia.nlm

which has worked fine for ages, but now I get an error message "unable to
find load file ADDRESS"

so, I tried....

load restart gwia

and in gwia.ncf I have:

sys:\system\gwia.nlm @sys:\system\gwia.cfg

but now it loads into "ADDRESS_SPACE2" which is ok, but doesn't really have
a useful name

or I can load gwia.ncf protected via NORM, and then manually set it to

console response suggests that restart has "forgotten" how to use the
"address space=GWIAMEM" element of the command, as it says it cannot find
ADDRESS i.e. it is looking for address.ncf

so, my question is, is this a new "feature" or have I got my syntax wrong?