Hello all: I am still having a ***** of a time getting a
secure web site working thru our BM39 proxy. We are a
Doctors practice and our Docs have to log in to a particular
Hospital to electronically sign reports. The hospital uses
Juniper Application Manager (JAM) and ICA to setup the

The symptoms I see is the JAM client showing zero bytes
either being sent or received. I have tried with filtering
turned off (unload ipflt) and access rule checking turned
off. I even created rules to allow ALL TRAFFIC from the
hospital IP to and from the private/public interfaces. I
have set our .pac file to bypass the proxy from that same

if (shExpMatch(url, "*.xxxyyyzzz.com/*"))
return proxy_no;

I have no idea what else to do. Can you help me out???

Thanks, Chris.