I have upgrade from Zen 3.2 SP3 to Zen 6.5 SP2ir1 (Zen6.5 CD, then
ZEN65sp2, Addmenums, then zdm65sp2ir1)

The Inventory server is standalone.
Sysbase, ASA 8.0.2 (4339)
No Middle Tier Server

Workstation Inventory Policies have been migrate and are enabled for
Windows NT-2000-XP, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For all of them, in
Configuration Editor, Set Default is set for SWRules, Asset Information,
Zipped Names, IBMNames and HWRules.

Dictionary v12

I have already try two times :
- Desinstalling the Workstation Inventory, according to the document
dminstall.pdf (but I have not uninstall the Workstation Inventory
Snap-Ins from ConsoleOne).

- Reinstalling the Workstation Inventory
Upgrade standalone server:
1 - Zen 6.5 CD wait untill the end of the base migration
2 - ZEN65sp2 wait untill the end of the base migration, Addenums
3 - zdm65sp2ir1, Addenums

All the stations can be imported.

Zen 3.2 : Windows 2000 and XP OK
Zen 6.5 : Windows 2000 OK
Zen 6.5 : Windows XP Error (Storer)

ZENworks inventory for XP workstations fail with ASA -196 error

Error in parsing: Could not process [workstation detail here].STR due to
other exception

ZENInv - Storer: ParseException:Could not process
001AA0B9D7E5_1188309859000_6.STR due to Database operation(related to
data or schema) exception->ASA Error -196: Index 't$OSType_ja UNIQUE
(Enum)' for table 't$OSType_ja' would not be unique

Hope you can help me! Thanks