1. I have a NW6SP5 server with the SYS vol on the servers local drive and
the users DATA vol (NSS) on an external disk HP EVA. If I need to migrate
(new server) to NW65SP6 can I just do the SYS vol to the new server and
then disconnect the DATA vol which is on the external disk and connect it
to my new NW65 server. Are there any steps I should do pre/post the
migration specific to the NSS DATA vol. Is this possible or will I have to
create a similar size data vol on my new server and migrate the data from
the old server.

2. Same evironment as above for my source server, NW6SP5. If I have a
hardware issue, server crash, and my server needs to be replaced. I would
have to delete all objects (volume, server) related to the crashed server,
then I re-install the old OS which is NW6SP5 on the new server. What would
I need to do to get my users DATA vol NSS which is on the external disk HP

Thanks for your help