I am hoping that a future release of NSM will check every move of a user
against jobs already existing in the queue. Here is the issue I am

We uses eSIS as our student system. Unfortunately, eSIS is not compatible
with any of the IDM drivers, so we have to perform extracts of changes to
student information and upload those changes into IDM/eDirectory. We do
these updates twice a day, but there are several times when two updates
for students will occur in the same upload. For example, create a new
record (which is active by default, but then that student is changed to an
inactive status. This results in an account being created in an OU with
one NSM policy, and then, almost immediately, being moved to an OU with a
different NSM policy.

The problem is that NSM queues up both jobs in an active state. The first
job typically gets as far as creating the home folder, but when it tries
to do things like set FS rights, user space restrictions, or sometimes it
gets as far as trying to assign the Home Directory property, it can no
longer continue because the user object has been moved to a new location.

When it moved to the new location, the other NSM policy doesn't see that a
home directory has already been created by the previous policy and
dutifully creates one according to its settings.

I am left with a stuck process and a home folder I have to manually clean

It would be beneficial if, when adding a job to the queue, NSM would check
to see if there are any jobs for that user object already present. On
seeing one, it could add the second job as being dependent on the first
one completing, or at least differed so that it won't process until after
the first one completes.

David W. Cooney
Senior Network Analyst
Tacoma School District