After years of thinking about it I'm finally working towards installing
Novell Identity Manager 3.5. One of the things IDM wants is a separate
eDirectory tree called the Identity Vault into which all user information is
pushed into or pulled out of. eDirectory 8.8 allows you to have multiple
eDirectory trees on the same server, which should decrease some of the
implementation cost. I'm planning on upgrading all my Netware 6.5 SP6
servers to eDirectory 8.8.1 and then install Netware 6.5 SP7 before
installing IDM components. My question is how does Backup Exec 9.1 handle
eDirectory? Will I still be able to backup my production eDirectory tree?
Will I also be able to backup the Identity Vault used by IDM? Do I even
want or need to backup the Identity Vault, seeing how it just pulls and
pushes data from one DS to another?