We have a tree with 6 servers running nw6.5.4 and one server running
5.0(due to be removed)w/edit and ds7.62c on the old server. We
have GW 7.02hp1a, iprint/ndps and pserver running on the 6.5.4 servers.
Everything is stable except one server that hangs on the first boot
checking local drives and then continues on the next boot. I have also
had an abend on the groupwise server. I was considering going to 6.5.5
just to hopefully fix the boot problem(someone suggested the problem was a
known one). I also had 6.5.5 fix servers running arcserve because of
memory so I wondered if memory management might be the problem with GW.
Anyway, would you suggest:
1. Doing 6.5.5+patches which I use on other trees I have around here and
am comfortable with.
2. 6.5.6+patches which look really scary and confusing to be honest...What
were they thinking?
3. wait for a month or so and do 6.5.7+any patches that come along.

What do you think?