I've got some data I'm trying to wipe from this Solaris 7 box.
Apparently formatting and partitioning is done differently on this then
it's done in Linux or Windows. I've gone into the format program,
analyze menu, then run purge and then verify which says it corrupts
data. At this point the old program that used to run on here is
complaining now about data corruption. But still from the partition
menu I can use the print command and view the partitions out there.

Anyone got any ideas on how to delete the partitions? And also I think
the disks were doing a software RAID0 as the two lists of partition
tables have partitions = about 36G, and the system has four 18G disks.
I thought the box was configured for two RAID1 sets but no longer does
it appear that away. Anyone know how to check this in Solaris 7?

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