Im looking for some feedback on the following. We recently switched from
DSL to T1. I changed the publc IP's on the BM server - or so i thought.

Since that change my firewall works fine. Proxy works fine. Filters work
fine. However, remotely with the BMclient I can log in BUT I cannot ping
any clients on the inside of the firewall. cant use pcanywhere and I cant
use any other aplications THAT WORKED PREVIOUS TO THE IP CHANGE.

This has not been a problem since every other service on this boxand
behind it is running fine. However, if i need to access anything remotely
im dead in the water -- a long drive down to the office.

Oh, so you know we are running BM36 with 37 parts on NW6.0. Im using a 3.8
VPN client.

Today, as I was attempting to log in remotely again to troubleshoot - I
see that on the "polices" section of the VPN statistics popup box the old
public IP address is listed. Here is what it looks like:

Protected IP Networks

IP Mask

Am I safe to assume that the old ip listed above is the problem? If so,
How do I change this value to the new IP Address?

Thanks in advance