After having problem with iManager and Tomcat i now manage to make them
work. The problem happens when you install OES Linux into an existing tree
and do this more than one time. There is a TID about this.

Well my next problem is making NAMCD and NSS to start. All this problem
started when you install NSS on OES.

I think there is some certificate-problems between OES2 and
eDir/LDAP-server that is running NW6.5 SP7.
In folder; /var/lib/novell-lum>
there is supposed to be a *.der file, but its not. If i try to execute;
namconfig -k
Then im asked to enter password for eDir/LDAP, but after i've doen so i
only get;
"Error opening the certificiate file"

I guess eDir on NW-box should share a cerificate to OES2-box, but have not
doen this.

How do i troubleshoot this?