Zen 7 sp1 ir1.

Why is it if I take an image of a laptop and then extract files via
image explorer, it thinks there are duplicates with the same name. It
happens often when I take an image of someone's laptop where windows
refuses to boot. Almost always you will find documents in the my
documents folder where it wound up with the same short name. This
shouldn't happen.

What really irritates me however is that there is no "rename" when
extracting via image explorer. I can overwrite it or not, but I can't
say yes I'd like that file just give it this name so I can then go back
and look at it later and fix it.

I'm restoring to a new folder so there is no chance that there are
existing files on the drive I'm restoring to with the same name. This
is a case of the zenworks image using the same short name for more than
one file when it takes the image.