I know VMware is going just gangbusters
and everyone has 50 virtual servers running
just ducky, but seriously how are you guys
managing snapshots, cloning and just generally
moving your VM's around? I mean the amount of data
associated with a single VM is staggering especially
if you have taken many snapshots with it.

I'm currently running a clone operation because I have
a VM complaining of disk corruption after taking about 6 snapshots.
It's not that the VM malfunctions, it just doesn't like me
deleting old snapshots anymore. So while it removes it from
the snapshot manager it doesn't clean up the disk images.

I could go through a lot of work and figure out exactly what is wrong but
just cloning it seemed to be the easier solution and at this point in
time I'm not real interested in the technical aspects of why it is fubar.
As a sidenote my 36GB worth of VM and snapshots is now back to 18GB after
the clone operation.

Anyway all of this exercise has gotten me to thinking about how would a
person manage moving X numbers of VM's off of a failing server when we are
talking about these huge sums of data. Even doing a straight file copy
would take some time, At what point is a bare metal program going to be

Just curious. Fortunately not something I have to deal with just yet.