I have a base SLES 10 server, installing ZLM 7.2. When running
./zlm-install, installs first 2 of 10 (Server and Schema). When it goes
to install Data Store, get the following error:

Unresolved Dependencies:
Installing postgresql-server-8.1.4-1.3.i586[sles-10-i586]
Establishing atom:postgresql-server-8.1.9-1.2.i586[System packages]
This would invalidate atom:postgresql-server-8.1.9-1.2.i586[System
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid

Install of Data Store failed
Install has not completed.

I checked the packages, that is the version of postgresql on the SLES 10
base, but it is not installed. Do I need to find that version of
postgresql and place the package on the machine? How do I resolve this