I support a school who is running Netware 6.5 with Zenworks 7 sp1 Hot
Patch 5. We recently upgraded them from Zen 3.2sp3 and the hot patch
was applied because they have several new workstations with nics that
are not supported in Zen7 sp1 for imaging. They have been redirecting
folders using the adm found here 'Cool Solutions: Enable Folder
Redirection through Local Group Policy'
(http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/trench/3406.html) for quite some
time without any problem. I also use this adm at several other school
districts with no problem. This, however, is the only school where I am
running Hot Patch 5.

The problem is, when a policy that contains the folder redirection adm
is edited (even a brand new policy), the entire contents of the home
directory (their H drive mapping which many folders are redirected to)
are deleted. This only happens to the person who is editing the policy.
It does not affect the users who have that policy associated to them. I
have narrowed it down to the adm as the problem because when I run the
registry hack to reset folder defaults and then edit a policy, the
deletion does not occur. This, however, isn't a solution for the
administrator at this particular school. Has anyone seen this and/or
have any suggestions?