We have a NW65 + SP6 + 65CIFS325C server that is hosting some volumes. Windows clients can connect via CIFS fine to it. However when I try and connect from a Mac client (running OSX 10.4.10) to the CIFS share (command + K in finder, then enter smb://servername), it fails.

The error message displayed on the Mac is "The finder cannot complete the operation because some data in "smb://servername" could not be read or written. (Error code -36)." Additionally in the console log on the Mac we get:

"mount_smbfs: negotiate phase failed: syserr = Software caused connectionabort"

CIFS connects to NW65 + SP5 servers continues to work fine from this machine.

I've taken some packet traces and can see some differences in how the SP5 server replies to the client as opposed to SP6 + 65CIFS325C. The configuration is using AD Passthrough authentication to a Win2003 AD Domain controller. I'm guessing Novell made some changes in 65CIFS325C patch that has caused this change in behaviour. Can anyone else duplicate this issue ?