Hi, we're running netware 6.5 SP5 in a 3 node cluster. The volumes are
divided between 2 nss pools which are mirrored across 2 HP ema12000's. on
one of the pools, during backups using syncsort backup express, the mirror
is being broken with the following error

10/17/2007 3:38:26am SNBFBR1062E 2562: sms rc is (fffdffc6) from routine

10/17/2007 3:38:26am SNBFBR1063E 2562: sms rc (fffdffc6) indicates
((TSAFS.NLM 6.51.5 313) A file cannot be read.)

10/17/2007 3:38:27am SNBEHD4281E Job 1192550655 task 1 file 2696864
[Volume:/directory/filename]: error 4 (error reading file)

we also get corresponding errors on the server console telling me that a
device has been deactivated by the driver due to device failure.

we're running the tsafs from tsaup18 and until recently had never had a
problem. is tsaup19 ok to use now - i did a quick search yesterday and
there didn't seem too many satisfied customers !

i'm going to try a tsatest tonight to see if the problem is caused
exclusively by the tsa access, or if it needs the backup software to
really do some damage. if anyones got any better ideas - and that doesn't
seem too hard ! - i'd love to hear them


james smith