Limited budget solution

I have a primary NW65SP6 server running in a single server environment with GW7SP2.
A quick, simple and inexpensive recovery is required in case of server failure.
In the event of a primary server failure, I have an online backup server, with GW installed but not running.
The data on the two servers is regularly synchronised, and the GW is also synchronized using dbcopy.
So, in the event of a primary sever failure, I could launch GW on the secondary server and provide continuity of service.
Of course it's not quite that simple, since the workstations will be looking for their mapped drives etc. on the wrong server.
So the server volume structure on the secondary server exactly mimics the primary server.
But now I need to be able to bring up the secondary server with the identity, system login script, IP address etc. of the original primary server, so that in theory the workstations would never know the difference.
My plan is therefore to run dsrepair -rc on the existing primary server to create a dump, and then restore this dump to the secondary server and then reboot it so as to inherit the primary server's identity.

My questions are:
1) Will this work ?
2) How do I restore the dump created by dsrepair to the secondary server ?