I am trying to install ZLM 7.2 on a fresh SLES10 SP1. Install runs until 3 of 10 (atStore), then stops with message:

Resolvable not found
TraceBack (most recent call last):
File "/media/zlm2/data/zlminstall.py", line 561, in ?
File "/media/zlm2/data/zlminstall.py", line 434, in main
downloadID, transactID = zmd.transact(packages, None)
File "/media/zlm2/data/zlminstall.py", line 414, in transact
return(downloadID, transacID)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'downloadID' referenced before assignement

I did not install any postgresql package, thinking that these packages sould be provided by ZLM.
It is lied to postgresql stuff ?
Is it lied to SLES10 SP1 ?
Is there any solution ?