This TID is all I can find regarding setting up SLP on NW 6.5. It
describes besically the same way at on NW5.1 bu I can't find SLPDA.NLM on
the NW6.5 servers.

Configuring a default SLP (version 2) Directory Agent
(Last modified: 29Mar2006)
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Configuring a default SLP (version 2) Directory Agent

Novell NetWare 6.5

Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell NetWare 5.1 SP7 or later

Novell Service Location Protocol (SLP) v2

Novell SLP Directory Agent (SLPDA.NLM)

Here are the steps to set up SLP using the default scope:

On the server type 'LOAD SLPDA /A'. This will automatically create all of
the necessary objects in eDirectory and configure the server to act as the
DA for the tree.

Add 'LOAD SLPDA' to the AUTOEXEC.NCF of the DA server.

On any other servers in the tree you would just need to edit their
SYS:ETCSLP.CFG file and add the IP address of the DA on the line that says
'DA IPV4,'. I would recommend leaving that line in place as an
example and just typing in the settings on a new line beneath the example.

Then type 'SET SLP RESET = ON' to reinitialize SLP.

To see if a server can recognize the DA or if the DA is loaded you can
type 'DISPLAY SLPDA' and see how many DAs are active. From the command
line on a workstation with the Novell client installed you can type
'SLPINFO /D' to see a list of DAs that the workstation can see.

Add the IP address or DNS name of the DA server in the DA field of the
Service Location tab in the client properties. Reboot the workstation. You
could also add this information to your DHCP server (through option 78,
see TID 10024105) and then you would not need to manually put this
information in the client. Another option would be to use an ACU
(Automatic Client Upgrade - TID 10013315) to distribute the new settings .