We have just figured out that, after upgrading from FSF to NSM (which also
involved, for other reasons, moving the engine to a different server) that
many of our home directories are not cataloged in NSM. This has resulted
in some strange things when a user gets moved to a new context with a
different policy. So, I wanted to re-catalog a particular context that
has been having many stuck jobs in the queue in order to fix this problem.

As it happens, many of the 27,000 accounts in this context still have home
folders on a volume that is no longer part of the policy. I can't do a
backfill that enforces the new paths because so many jobs are queued up
that the engine server abends. However, even if I specifically do NOT
check to enforce policy paths, it does it anyway! I am working around
this at this time by adding the unwanted volume back into the policy and
running the backfill.

I am running engine version 2.00.28 (8/10/2007). I haven't had the chance
to check for any updates since last August.