I have a really weird problem. I have a new Windows 2003 server running the
NW 4.91 SP4 client. The server has terminal services installed for remote
users. We log in no problem, our login scripts maps all our drive letters,
etc. just fine. However, we have some apps that run via a unc path. So, I
have a shortcut on the desktop that points to \\nwserver\apps\myapp\app.exe.
If I try to run the shortcut I get an error saying that the exe could not be
found. If I browse manually through My Network Places, I can find the file
and run it no problem. Then, once I have manually browsed for the file, I
can run the shortcut on the desktop. However, once I reboot, I cannot
launch the shortcut again.

I'm not convinced it's a Windows bug all on it's own, because if I create a
shortcut using a unc path to another Windows server, it launches fine on
boot. It's just the shortcut to the NetWare 6.5 server that is the problem.
That being said, I have an old Windows 2000 server running client 4.91 SP2
and it can lauch the same shortcut to the same NW server no problem.

Any thoughts?