Hi .. I am as green as they come ... when installing OES software ...
I am trying to install OES2. I downloaded the Eval software from the
novell website, and had to open up the iso so I could copy the files to
a bootable cd and so install the software on our HP DL360 G5 server.
Problem is .. is that the server stops the bootup process at the -No
Fat32 Volumes Found, exiting...
Usage: ntfsread.exe [-u]-

Then the server hangs ...

I have wiped the server clean and rebuilt the raid 5...

Could someone please help me out .... my boss is constantly looking
over my shoulder ..on this 1 ..
A step by step instruction manual would be fantastic ...

Paul ...

PS. could someone tell me how you would get Suse 10.3 on a bootable
I have Nero 8, and it says that anything over 2gb has to use a
UDF format.
The UDF format does not have a option to boot the DVD..... so how
do I
install a iso file to a clean (non-bootable system ??