We have new IBM ThinkCentre machines that are equipped with marvell yukon
gigabit adapters (integrated). The sky2.ko and sk98lin.ko drivers
shipping with Zenworks 7 SP1 IR1 are apparently not compatible. We are
receiving the message "Could not find the Zenworks Installation Source".
I have tried to compile a new driver, but it seems to be rocket science.
There is a new driver from Marvell's website. I just need help compiling
the driver. I've posted to the imanaging-server.linux forum and haven't
received a response in two days. I have followed Marvell's instructions
on compiling the driver and I receive errors everytime. I am using SLES
10.1 to compile the driver and have no idea how to create the .ko file.
When I force the shipping drivers to load within linuxrc.config, the
driver loads but we cannot receive DHCP. This seems to have been a
problem since HP4 and Novell seems to think it is fixed with IR1. It's

Thanks for the help
btw - the model number for the nic is Marvell Yukon GB 88E8071.