Well, I guess I'll start here. Went to down my NW65SP7 box to run some
tests for Symantec regarding my "other" ABEND issue, and I issued the
"RESTART SERVER" command. It seemed to take ages to unload things.
And then, it started saying things like "Module did not release XXXX
resources", where XXXX was a three to five digit number. It did this
for most of the modules it was trying to unload, then the server
ABENDed. I restarted, and no ABEND.LOG was written out (joy).

So I reboot it again, and during bootup, I started seeing these same
messages again. Am I looking at hardware troubles now? Or might this
be something else?

If I can pin down an ABEND, I'll post it, but given my luck with
getting those things lately, don't hold your breath.