Hi guys

Please advise me something as a solution to the error message I received
from Web Console after trying to export a report containing more than cca
2000 records to csv, pdf or xls. I'm mostly interested in xls of course. I
found articles in Novell Knowledgebase regarding this problem and solving
it with increasing the RAM limit in Tomcat configuration. We use Tomcat
5.0 and have cca 4 GB RAM. In one of the articles was written that Tomcat
is able to work with 1320 MB RAM at most, no matter what the size of RAM
is. It doesn't matter even if your server has 4 GB. We have Enterprise
installation but everything is on one server. SQL uses most of RAM

My suggestion is to dedicate one normal workstation with huge amount of
RAM, install Web Console there a use it.

What do you think???