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Thread: Moving Printer Agents fails in iManager 2.6

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    Erik Aaseth NNTP User

    Moving Printer Agents fails in iManager 2.6

    NetWare 6.5 SP6 (w/ iprntnw65sp6g patch applied)
    iManager 2.6 SP4
    NDPSM v3.02

    Moving a Printer Agent from one NDPS Manager to another fails.
    On the server console for the iManager server, an error appears immediately:
    "Server experienced a critical error..."
    And iManager freeze up.

    The CPQIML describes the error like this:

    "Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process:
    Java_394 TPProcessor3 Code executing in module DPLSV386.NLM v1.15a at
    offset +3ED9Bh)"

    Then I must restart iManager, and I'm back at where I started.
    No move has occured, but I have a new suspend at the server console...

    I've tried this from 3 different iManager servers,
    and tried move printer agents between 3 different NDPS Managers,
    moving both single and multiple printer agents, both ways between the NDPS Managers.
    All NDPS Managers are up and running, seemingly error-free.
    But the same error happens every time, and no agents get moved...

    What can be wrong here?

    - Erik

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    Erik Aaseth NNTP User

    SV: Moving Printer Agents fails in iManager 2.6

    I've also tried to move the printer agents between NDPS Managers with the
    Novell Server Consolidation Utility v.1.1, but still nothing happens.
    The "Project|Verify and Copy data..." fails with a log-entry like this:

    "An error occurred during the migration.
    Not enough information is available to determine the cause. "

    No errors can be seen or traced, neither in the logger screens or
    on the NDPSM/printer status on the servers involved.

    And I really need to rearrange my printer agents...

    - Erik

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    Erik Aaseth NNTP User

    Moving Printer Agents fails in iManager 2.7 as well

    Moving Printer Agents fails in iManager 2.7 as well,
    installed in a brand new server.

    Seems as this task is constantly failing i iMan 2.6 and 2.7.
    Anybody successfully moved Printer Agents in iManager..?

    - Erik

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