1) I've noticed that oes9, oes2 or sles10-sp1 is not an os available to create registering rules ? is there any way to add these OS ?

2) Also, in order for these os to be correctly detected during zmd agent connection, is there anything to do to add these or detection will be fine ?

3) Finally, is there any clear document explaining:
a) the format for zlmmirror configuration file, regarding way to connect to the differents URLS for each of these platforms (OES9, SLES9, OES2, SLES10, SLED10, SLES10-sp1) ? Does the only one way is to edit manually this file ?

b) I know that upgrades are coming from different URLs regarding the OS, but how to subscribe to each of these channels ? Is the only one thing necessaray is the activation code for upgrades from the ncc, in the Product registration and Access ?

thx in advance for your help