Here's the situation:

We started off with Bordermanager 3.8sp4 on NW6.5sp4. I applied sp6 to the NW server, but did not apply the sp5 patch to BM (I do not feel comfortable working with BM).

Users are required to login through SSL as soon as they open their web browser with the correct proxy address in it. Without the proxy address, they do not get to the Internet.

After applying sp6, random users are having to login multiple times to get to the Internet. The login page give you the error: "Login failed. Please try again.". I found TID 10080774 which talks about the ADM.NLM and the LPO object. I check our NDS replicas and found them to be fine. I did see that the ADM.NLM was not loaded on the BM server. I loaded it from the console.

Whenever I try to access the LPO from NWADMIN, it tells me that "At least one rule must be defined...." After clicking OK, I click on the rules button and it gives me this error: "An unsupported operation was attempted" and has ADMSNAP in the title bar of the error. I cannot add any rules.

I am new to Bordermanager and am currently reading Craig Johnson's book. I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks in advance.