We have three 6.5 servers with about 110 users. We recently purchased
an addtional 15 user license, but it doesn't follow the license type
for when we purchased the original licenses about 2-3 years ago.

Novell say this new license is an unlimited one and gave us a document
(NOVL105496) which explains it. But I don't quote understand this as
it says this is an "unlimited" license and thats their new model.

Anyway, this document says we have to remove all our old server and
user licenses before we can install this new one. Thats OK, but it's
this unlimited thing we don't get. If it's unlimited then why did they
give options for 5,10,25,50,etc licenses? If we follow this doc and
remove all our existing ones, will we be with only 15 licenses.

Hope someone can clear the cobwebs.