On a Dell server running Netware 6.5 i am running Dell OpenManage Version
In the event of a critical alert we want it to send an email.

To do this i want to execute a batch file which will run Bmail.exe
Bmail.exe is a command line email utility
See http://www.beyondlogic.org/solutions...mdlinemail.htm

The Batch file is as follows
C:Bmail.exe -s smtp.server -f Servername -t myemailaddress@domain.com
-a "Dell Server Alert" -b "This server has generated an alert. Go to
https://servername:1311/ and find out what the alert is"

The Batch file runs fine from a windows server.

I have tried running this from the SYS volume and the C drive of the
netware server but it doesn't launch or send an email.

Any ideas ?