I have according to the documentation migrated my dhcp server from NetWare
6.5 SP6 to OES2 Linux but if I start the dhcp server with rcdhcpd start I
get this error message:
Error: Cannot find LDAP entry matching (&(objectClass=dhcpServer
Configuration file errors encountered -- exiting

This is my /etc/dhcpd.conf file

ldap-server "";
ldap-port 636;
ldap-ssl on;
ldap-base-dn "ou=sys,o=triples";
ldap-method dynamic;
ldap-debug-file "/var/log/dhcp-ldap-startup.log";
ldap-dhcp-server-cn "DHCP_TARGET";
ldap-referrals off;
ldap-tls-reqcert never;

If I look with ConsoleOne in sys.triples there is also a DHCP_TARGET object
and in the java DHCP Console I can also see the Object.