Could someone clarify the version of NCPL.NLM that should be running when
using the Middle Tier function of Zenworks 6.5: ZEN6.5 SP2 IR1.. Should
you always have the NetWare SP version regardless or do you want to stick
with the latest ZENworks provided version? Here is why I am confused:

NCPL.NLM from NetWare 6.5 SP6 - June 19, 2006
NCPL.NLM from ZFD 6.5SP2 - July 21, 2005
NCPL.NLM from ZFD6.5SP2IR1 - May 22, 2006
NCPL.NLM from NetWare 6.5 SP7 - Not sure, still downloading - interested
to see the version included here.

We have a NW6.5 SP6 server, currently getting abends (NcplSysThread shows
up with a spinlock abend)... Server currently has the NCPL.NLM dated May
22, 2006.