I have one container in my tree which happens to be the IS Container where
all the Information Services department employees resides, including the
Network Admin and Admin equivs.

Right now we are having a rights issue on the Home volume of a particular
server. We have shared folder area setup where only certain users should
have rights to certain folders based on groups they are in.

If I create a new user in the IS Container (don't give them any rights).
I can map a drive to the root of the Home volume and see all the data
there including all users home directory. I have also tested with
existing user in another container that logs into a completely different
server. I cannot map a drive to anything on the server. If I move this
user into the IS Container (again not applying any rights to the user) I
can map a drive to the Home volume and see all data on it.
I have checked trustee rights everywhere I can think of and can't find
anything. It is like somehow the container itself has Admin rights.