I have a question about Data Volume Quota restrictions on a server.

I have a NW 6.5.3 server with two Pools:
- the SYS Pool; for the SYS Volume.
- the DATA Pool; for the Vol1, Vol2, & Vol3 userdata Volumes.

Here is the scenario:
The DATA pool is 90 GB in size.
VOL1, Vol2, and Vol3 were all set up with Volume Quotas at 30GB.

Well, "Vol3" has reached the quota limit. Its using about 29.8GB of disk
"Vol1" and "Vol2" are only using about 10GB (each) of their limit.

BAsically, i need to allocate more Space to VOL3.
Any ideas on the "Best" way to do this?
Can i dynamically adjust the Quota restriction on "VOL3" to make it bigger?
Or maybe i can just disable the Quota altogether?

Obviously, deleting the Volume and then ReCreating is NOt an option.

Im just looking for the best solution to solving my problem!! I tried
looking around for some kind of RESIZE options, but all i saw were Create,
Delete, Dismount , and Deactivate.

Thanks as always!! >^^<