I'm trying to use the consolidation utility to move files from my
NetWare server to my new Linux server (SLES10)

When running the utility, I get the following messages:

RPM Validation Error
Cannot check the SMS RPM version number on server ''. Your
user ID must be LUM enabled with SSH access to the server for this
utility to check the SMS RPM version. Otherwise, you will need to check
the SMS RPM version yourself.

My ID is the version being used. I've gone into iManager and ensured
that my ID is LUM enabled. It is.

I went to the Modify Unix Workstation Object, and checked under LUM
Enabled Services, and this is what I see:

The following LUM-enabled services are available on this UNIX
Workstation. This list is read only.
LUM enabled services:

So, since this is read only, how do I enable LUM SSH?