we had a similar issue with our network, it just started one day for
some reason.

45 + second delay when hitting ok to login.

also, if you login workstation only, start the novell login and click
trees, the same thing.

watching tcpview.exe saw the workstation query an external ip address,
that has nothing to do with our dns, external dns, isp's or anything.

running wireshark, showed the workstation query dns for our tree name,
our dns didnt have that record and so would pass on the request to the
outside world. why it found this particular address I dont know. but
the login would stall until this request timed out. as soon as it did
timeout, the rest of the login and scripts etc would fly through.

so our result, put the tree name into our dns server as an a record. I
pointed this a record to our master server which is also the slp da