I have a site where sbs 6.5 is installed with groupwise.

client doesn't use virtual office at all, groupwise (along with web
access for groupwise) is the most important service after file sharing.

So, now that OES 2 is out, I'd like to get this going.

It's a 5 user license, so that should make it easier.

I'm wondering about doing new install (on new server) and then migrating
old groupwise user data to new system.

I could also consider netware upgrade - but not sure of issues involved
with that. Most in-place upgrades I've seen got ugly pretty fast.

I'd like to see what others suggest in regards to either doing upgrade
of netware to OES2 or new OES2 on linux.

The groupware data is important.

My other question is getting rid of active directory. This place only
uses microsoft for citrix/terminal server.

What would be best way to get rid of active directory so citrix can
authenticate with edirectory instead?

term server requires 2 boxes - one for term server and another for
licensing server.

If I could get these things working together smoothly, I can say good
bye to active directory!!