Hi, we are in the middle of a cluster migration project.

Moving from a multi-server environment to a 9-node cluster / SAN
We are running netware 6.5sp6

We have completed a few of the nodes but have lost reference to the rest
of the 9 cluster e- licenses that we have stored on my workstation. The
problem is, we have the last updated license files which have been named
as node1.nlf, node2.nlf,node3.nlf, but now do not know which of the
remaining licenses were used on node4 & node5 as we had forgot to update
the files to note which license belonged to which node in the cluster.

IS there a way we can find out which node has which cluster node license??

this would greately help as we do not want to put on one of the licenses
that have already been used for the other installed nodes.

best regards