For years we have used containers full of user aliases that link to a subset of users from our Netware tree. A DLU User policy is configured and the Netware Client is only allowed to look at the one container for valid users. With Windows XP Pro this has worked well for about four years.

I have been trying to setup an identical scenario with one exception, the OS is a Windows Server 2003 box. It doesn't work with users that are aliased, although if I create a real user object in the same container it works fine.

I know the DLU policy is read from the actual user object and not the alias, but our whole tree is configured for DLU. For the real user object I configured a DLU Policy with exactly the same settings as the one used by the users elsewhere in the tree.

The only related posting I could find on the internet for this is here:

It suggests as I'm seeing, that DLU on Windows Server 2003 does not work with user aliases.

The Novell Client on the Windows 2003 Server [R2 + SP2] is v4.91SP4, the ZfD Agent is v7.0.7.50808. Our Netware servers all run 6.5SP6.

Should this be working? It's possible I've forgotten to configure something along the way.