I posted the following on another thread and it was suggested to post it

I have read the tid on logical space but still have some questions. If this
is the wrong forum, forgive me and please direct me to the right forum.

I have a few HP ML350's with nw oes 6.5 sp 5, eDir 8.8.1 and the servers
have the Xeon chip, which I am assuming is still the x86 chip archetecture.
On my main server the available space is now 468 MB, which is still in range
but not ideal.

Is there any remedie to this situation? Is it defined by the chip set and
therefore limited? Do I have too many process running on the box?

Any advice would be appreciated.

The Reply I received was
>Memory?? If so ask in 6x.administration->tools or install-upgrade. Before
>so, check what service packs you have >and how much RAM you have to start
> >with.

The server has 3 GB of RAM with 1 GB available.