Server=NW65-sp6, ZDM7 WS=XPProSP2
I have a workstation registered and logging in 'Workstation Only'
Naldiag reports that the Workstaion Helper is connected and I can see
the associated app in naldiag

The app object is Simple/noAOT and it runs C:\WINDOWS\Notepad.exe

I can distribute an app to a workstation but only once.
I increase Version Number but any subsequent distribution of the same
app is halted with the "cannot get needed resources" message

I've done it before...but I get confused with the myriad of options
and cannot duplicate my success.
-Distribute Always
-Distribute in Workstation Security Space if Workstation Associated
-Force run as user if application is workstation associated
-The Association to the Workstation is is flagged Force Run
-Run Normal,Secure User, Unsecure User

Any guidance would be appreciated.