When I do a rug refresh and then rug pl -u it tells me No Patches Found.
This is unlikely because I have not updated the servers in a couple of
months. And when I compare this set of servers to other that are updated
regularly there are critical updates that these don't have.

So, I thought that it may be because I had used now expired activation
codes. Now I am attempting to use our real act. codes, and I am getting
the following:

Unable to activate: IO error - soup error: forbidden (403). Please ensure
you typed the email address and activation code correctly. Fault -613.

My searching has suggested proxy issues, but I can access www.novell.com
from a browser on these servers via the proxy server. Otherwise, I'm not
getting anything useful.

I would also like to check the activation code against my updated servers.
Is there some way to display the activation code a server is using?

Thank you very much.