We are intending to migrate our current netware 6.5 and netware 6 server to
a few OES2 servers. However I an quite fearfull doing this.

First problem:

In our current netware installation we are running ZEN 4.0.1, as far as I
can read in the documentation ZEN 4.0.1 and Edir 8.8 is not an supported


Our central netware servers are holding Master and read/write replicas of
all our departments. What will happen when the Master replica server is
upgraded to eDirectory version 8.8, and the older netware are still on


We are using securelogin version 3.51.3. In the documentation it seems not
to be supported with Edir 8.8?


We are also running DirXML 2.0.1 which is installed onto our production tree
(sigh). It is NOT currently installed into an vault configuration. What to
do with that?

what will be the best practise for introducing OES2 in our enviroment? I
would like to build the new servers while the old netware enviroment is
still running, I would then like to move services and files to oes2 as we
get ready for it. How is that best done?